Thursday, May 28, 2015

My Final Project

Since our class wasn't as long as expected, we decided to focus on only one part of the instrument.  So, I decided to focus on the sound.  By cresting a circuit that connects through a computer, you are able to make music through a music application.  By coding the sounds into the circuit, when touched, the circuit will make noise!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

My Instrument Model

In my Creative Technology class, we are supposed to make sketches of never before created instruments of our own design.  After creating a variety of sketches and brainstorming through ideas (sketches that you have already seen), I was given the assignment to create a scale model of one instrument idea.
I chose to create a MUSIC BOX!!!  It has:
  1. buttons that light up with different colors for every sound
  2. a touch sensitive screen that allows you to view the settings, input/change sounds and view notes of the music that is being played
  3. a back door that has the wiring, battery, and USB port to connect to your computer
  4. has a built in mini printer to print the notes
Here's how it looks like:

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Images of My Work!!!



6 (THIS BECAME 4 &5)

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My Notes

During our 3rd day of class, we were learning how a circuit looks like on a circuit diagram.  To remember this, I was told to take notes.  Its notes that will will help me to a great student at this creative technology course. This is how my notes look like:

Sketches of my Instruments

In this program, we are expected to create an instrument (one that has been only been created in our minds), using all of the skills that hve been taught to us in class.
In day 1 of this course we were given a task to create sketches of Instruments that we might want to create.

Here are the ones I thought of:

Here are one of my classmates ideas:

I hope that wit more motivation and training that I will be able to create an instrument that is awesome and actually works!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Project #1: LED Light Bulb

On our first and second class of The Parsons Creative Technology Course, we have learned how to create a circuit that turns up a small LED Light Bulb.  We used:

 Image of Everything on the left:
  • Red Wire & Black Wire
  • Bread Board
  • Battery
  • LED Light Bulb
  • Switch/Push Button
  • Potentiometer/Dimmer
  • and Resistor


These tools help build a circuit.  But putting it together in any, yet specific order, we were able to transfer energy from the battery to the light bulb.  Thanks to the help of Ryan Raffa (a design professor at Parsons The New School), I got one step closer to using technology in my creative future.